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Diablo is an action RPG game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1997. The Diablo series has three so far. Diablo 3’s cumulative sales exceeded 20 million units by the time the Diablo 3 was released. Diablo 3, which debuted in 2012, has also sold more than 2 million bookings, And so on. Of course, Diablo 3 has been around for quite a while now, but it’s still in season.

By the way, the proposal that summarizes the initial idea of ​​Diablo series becomes public eye ( ). Diablo has the purpose of defeating Diablo, a demon that threatens the human world, breaking the underground labyrinth. In this respect, it is classified as a Hack and Slash genre that focuses on strengthening characters and killing stronger monsters, as well as experience points obtained by defeating enemies rather than enjoying the story while breaking the quest. The underground labyrinth that becomes the stage is upgraded as much as it is randomly generated every time, and it can continue to fight against strong enemy many times with the equipment which is raised.


The first draft made in 1994 was published in response to a lecture by Diablo’s father, David Brevik, He was working in a small development studio in northern California. He has been thinking of games as an idea to focus on dungeon exploration, battle, and character enhancement in the fantasy world as a student, being able to play many times, be extensible, and so on.

In the game design item in the plan, you can see that the basic concept of the gamer is to make a character and go to the dungeon to defeat Diablo. Also, there is a record that the dungeon that becomes the stage can be created randomly and manipulate the character move or attack by mouse click from the time of planning. At the planning stage, however, it was a turn-based log-like style (game similar to a log) that set a time limit instead of a real-time action RPG.


Diablo has a world view where the hero who uses sword and magic in a medieval fantasy atmosphere is fighting against forces of darkness. The character that the gamer moves is an adventurer who comes to hear the rumor of Tristram, a village dominated by Diablo, the ruler of evil, because he has killed the family of the evil one. A little different from the actual product version.

Diablo can choose one of three jobs when creating a character, but the proposal suggests that you can even choose a race to choose a job. It also includes the idea that the situation changes depending on which race you choose. It also includes a high-spec that requires the character to start from scratch if he dies during an adventure and can not retry.

The proposal also suggests selling additional content data for $ 4.95 in a product sales strategy. The disc is accompanied by a card drawn with rare items to stimulate the collecting bath. This strategy refers to the famous card game magic the gathering.

Also, if Diablo and the expansion pack are successful, you can consider selling a version with added content and suggest a way similar to the current download content business. The idea for additional content has not been adopted in the early Diablo series, but it has been adopted in the next version, the Diablo 2 expansion pack.

During development, Diablo changed its name to Blizzard North as developer Condor was acquired by Blizzard Entertainment, continued to develop Diablo, and finally launched Diablo in 1997 as a PC game. The turn-based system that Brevik thought was turned into real-time action with persuasion. The first version of Diablo comes out with more than 3 million units, with good ratings.

The Diablo series celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. Last year’s interview with David Brevick revealed that the next version, Diablo 4, would be released at a much shorter time than Diablo 2, which took three to twelve years. Open-world format map, third-person view, and will be darker than before.



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