Tesla “Security SW open source, will open up”

Tesla CEO Elon Maersk said on his Twitter that he will release security software that will be installed on his vehicle, with other manufacturers available.


On August 13 (local time), he said he plans to open-source security software for Tesla vehicles via Twitter, freeing other companies to use it freely, he said. In the past, his remarks are noteworthy, as it is impossible for automakers to disclose their technology for free. However, there are many opinions that there will be hidden purpose here. Some analysts say the announcement is part of a marketing strategy. And as more connected cars connect to the Internet, car security becomes even more important. In fact, experiments have been made public that remotely operate vehicle air conditioners or wipers, or even turn off vehicle engines that are driving on the road.

From this point of view, connected vehicles can be a target of hacking, so security measures will be important for automobile manufacturers. This is why Tesla’s announcement is intended to be an advantage in the industry rather than a simple marketing strategy. If you provide a framework for protecting your connected cars and make them a de facto standard, Tesla can take advantage of the presence in the connected car market and increase its presence.

However, Elon Muskke did not mention the security software open source and release point separately. Tesla says production of Model 3 is barely on track, but it is hard to say that cash flow is good. In this situation, there is interest in what Tesla’s policy means.



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