Bit Main, BTC sells and increases BCH share?

BitMain had a bit coin cache of 102,313 BCH as of March. 6% of the total supply. The present value translates into $ 600 million (KRW679.3 billion). The acquisition price is $ 1 billion.

This is in accordance with the pre-IPO data that has been released. In addition to the bit coin cache, the light coin also holds 93,192 LTCs. The current value is $ 60 million and the acquisition price is $ 51 million. In addition, the dash amounted to 312,424 DasH, with a present value of 52 million dollars and an acquisition cost of 103 million dollars.


Meanwhile, the amount of bit coins held is the second lowest of the Crypto holdings held by BitMain, at 22,082 BTC. The current value is $ 140 million and the acquisition price is $ 150 million. Etherium is only 1,097 ETH.

As a result, the beat coins held by BitMain have been decreasing over the past two years. As of August 12, the reserve amount is 6,700 BTC. Eventually, BitMain seems to be selling bit coin and buying bit coin cache, selling 14,000 BTC from November to March and 16,000 BTC after March. Bitcoin cache has been mined in August last year and has reached 700,000 BCH. Among them, BitMain bought 300,000 BCH through bit coin sale or ASIC sales fund. Of course, I do not know why I sell bit coins and buy bit coin caches, light coins and dashes.

BitMain is about to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of next year. It plans to raise $ 18 billion through IPO. In July, we collected $ 1 billion from Softbank and Tencent through pre-IPO.

Meanwhile,’s CEO, Roger Burr, talks about the ICO through the video. ICO and Crypto Kitty will come to the BCH chain, mentioning the possibility of a wormhole cash protocol that enables token issuance within the BCH chain. Suggesting the possibility. BitMain is leading the development of the wormhole cache protocol.



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