Ripple Etherium, up 90%. What is the background?

Cryptography Ripple was the lowest this year, falling below $ 0.263624 on August 14. It was 92 percent lower than the record high of $ 3.75 in January. In addition, Etherium, which ranks second in market capitalization, also has the lowest price ($ 270.24) in nine months.

In the background of the ripple ripple, it is analyzed that the lawsuit surrounding the relationship between the ripple of the password and the ripple as the corporation lies. Ripple as a corporation does not control the ripple of passwords, but many of them are used for ripple payment and projects, and criticism is being made that this kind of move corresponds to price manipulation. Some of these investors are said to be securities fraud.

The New York Times reported in a report that the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) As Ripple advocates cryptography itself, it is becoming more difficult to escape from the securities classification as it is an important criterion for whether the central manager is promoting coin value.

In addition to the ripple, Etherium fell below the $ 300 mark on the 13th, which was the lowest in nine months. Etherium fell 28% for a week, 33% for a month, and it fell below $ 300 for the first time since November last year. It was 78 percent lower than the record high of $ 1,337.

It is in the background that it is the background that ICO project progressively sold tokens to cash in the price of etherium. ICO cash-on-sell pressure is on the rise. Etherium is also the most popular platform for block-chain start-up funding, so it’s easy to get the token cash flow.



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