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Binance presented the Binance Academy, an open education platform for democratization of block chaining and cryptography education. Starting from an educational initiative to improve understanding of the block chain, it will provide a block-shop-related educational material in the form of a one-stop shop, addressing the problem of fragmented scattering of block chains and cryptographic knowledge.

BINANCE ACADEMY offers a variety of free topics ranging from basic to advanced, including block chaining and applications, cryptography and security best practices. The curriculum will be expanded to reflect current scenarios and strategies in consideration of industry characteristics. In addition, it is possible to learn real-time learning of rapidly growing block-chain economic terms.

“The mission of Binary Academy is to spread knowledge about the block chain and the cryptographic power,” said Chang Feng Zhao, CEO of Bin Fang Zhao Binzhou. “We are committed to providing comprehensive and accessible educational content worldwide. “We have made an effort to create a platform that is open to both consumers and content creators,” he said. “Users can freely suggest new topics they want to learn and create content to be uploaded to the Academy, And share it with others. ”

The Binary Academy is available on the homepage .



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