Amazons, more stores, more competitors …

Amazon opens an innovative store, Amazon Go, in New York. New store-related information has been posted at and Amazon has admitted that it will open a new store in New York.

Amazon has already opened three Amazon stores in Seattle and plans to open stores in Chicago and San Francisco one after another.

In this way Amazon is dominating the innovation store with the Amazon high, but it may soon form a rivalry. According to foreign sources, Microsoft has been reporting that it is developing shopping technology that does not require calculation like Amazon. There is also news that Microsoft will partner with Wal-Mart, which is considered to be a potential competitor for Amazon’s offline expansion.

Of course, eye-catching is the standard Cognition startup. The company has opened a countertop store in San Francisco, which has the same concept as the Amazon.

Innovations in Standard Cognition are already open. This is the first demonstration experiment to have the opportunity to get attention in this field. At the store, you can buy goods without having to scan the goods at the checkout counter or go through the gate, just like Amazon High. When you check in at a store, the things that the customer takes are tracked by the camera system, picked up in your bag or in your pocket, or picked up and picked up, even if you put it back in its original position. After you leave the store, the receipt will be sent to you by e-mail.

Standard Cognition also conducts a new functional test at the store. We are planning to extend our business hours and increase the number of items in a few weeks. We plan to increase the number of customers who can shop at the same time. The company does not collect customer biometric information or use a face recognition system. We will also provide technology to other companies. For more information, please click here .



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