Google Urgent Alert “AI Flood Forecasts”

Not long ago, a large Hurricane Florence landed in North Carolina, causing damage. Such as The Weather Channel, have been mixed up with US National Hurricane Center data to express flood damage forecasts from hurricanes through augmented reality.

Anyway, natural disasters are affecting over 250 million people each year. The project that started developing due to concerns about this damage is the Google Emergency Alert (

Google Crisis Response. There is a growing need for flood forecasting, and many systems have actually been created. But they are all lacking in accuracy and still insufficient to reassure people.

Google learned artificial intelligence on historical events, river water levels, terrain and altitude, and conducted hundreds and thousands of simulations through maps. A model that predicts when and where floods will occur through computational processes. As a result, not only the time and place but also the flood scale can be predicted.

Google will soon share the feature. But he has already worked with India to get the data needed to send early flood alerts to each region, and he has made accurate predictions by collecting common data. It is preparing to expand its capabilities not only in India but also in other parts of the world.



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