A razor with warmth?

The Heated Razor is a limited edition model of the razor-sharp Gillette research team. Features? As you can see from the product name, it will heat the beard in the body of the razor. It makes you feel like you are shaving with a warm towel in a place like a barber shop.

This product will warm up in 1 second when you switch on the body. Thanks to it, you can feel warmth and warmth while slipping on your skin. It gives the same feeling as when shaving at a barber shop. Of course, heat is a device to give a comfortable feeling rather than to make shaving efficient. In fact, according to Gillette’s survey, 54% of men are using the razor in hot water, 37% of them say they take a shower, and 25% say they shave during the shower. Another 15% use a warm towel before shaving. After all, it means to try to shave as warm as possible.

The temperature setting of this product can be adjusted to your liking.

The ability to deliver this warmth can be controlled through an intelligent thermal control system. This product is made of aluminum and has a wireless charging function to enhance convenience. Weighing in at 75g, the included wireless charger weighs 267g. The size of the body is 158.9 × 23.6 × 41.5mm and the charger is 76 × 23mm. Gillette presented this product in limited quantities via the crowdfunding site, Indigo Go. More information about the product can be found here .



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