If you make a long-term investment of $ 10,000 … Your choice?

Ron Paul, a former US House of Representatives member, asked Twitter users on November 15 (local time) if they would like to receive ten thousand dollars in the same form for ten years. The result is that most of them chose bit coin. 50% of respondents said that they are bit coin. The next highest amount was 37% in gold, the third was the US 10-year Treasury bond 11%, and the last was the dollar 2%.


Bitcoin prices have been steady for a long time, but fell more than 10% for the 24 hours before the survey. Consulting fund analysts expect bitcoin price recovery to take more than a few weeks, even months. Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, of course, also believe that bit coin prices could go down to $ 1,500.

Former House Representative Ron Paul also conducted the same survey on December 5 last year. The same result was obtained at the time, but the rate of responding to the dollar was the same, and the bit coin was 4% higher than the latest survey. At the time, the beat coin price was $ 11,500 and on December 17th, it hit a record high of $ 20,000.


There is also a similar questionnaire centering on cryptography. Ran NeuNer, a founder of Chain Capital, has tweeted the same question: 39% bit coin, 52% ripple, 2% Bitcoin Cache SV, and 7% American Airlines mileage.



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