CAC “block chain standardization should accelerate”

The China Cyber ​​Bureau, the CAC, announced on November 12 that it will publish the document on its official website, highlighting the need for the country to accelerate the development of block-chain industry standards.

The author of this paper is the Secretary General of the China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Software Engineering and Evaluation Center.

This document emphasizes the importance of establishing a block-chain architecture standard when guiding the selection and application of block-chain systems in various industries in China. The blockbuster standardization work in China is already beginning with the release of the white paper by the 2016 Development Forum. The white paper stipulates five segments, including the establishment process and methodology, interoperability, business and application information, and security as the standard for the block chain.

The forum has completed building a basic standard reference architecture, and in May it has completed the creation of 10 international block-chain standards, including terminology and concepts, reference architectures, classification and ontology. This standard is now in the development stage.

Blockbuster standardization is continuing this deepening process, but the document stresses that obstacles to industry development are hampered by the fact that many obstacles still hinder completion. These obstacles include lack of balance due to misunderstandings or inexperiences about block chain applications in various industrial scenarios and insufficient development of block-chain talent. It is explained that it is necessary to nurture human resources to train engineers who can practice standardization contents.

As the potential application areas of block chain technology are expanding into finance, as well as supply chain management, social welfare, and the cultural and entertainment industry, the authors call for a national standardization shortening. It is also recommended that China play a leading role in the development of international block chain standards at the same time and that it is necessary to use international standards or re-formulate them. For more information, please click here .



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