Binary and block chain public service

Bainance has made public service projects using block chains. On Dec. 11, he announced that he will start raising money for public purposes through the Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF). It is meaningful because it is an example of using the block chain which is focused on profit-seeking and technology implementation in the public interest field.

On October 25, CEO Ban Feng Zhao declared the launch of BCF at the UNFCCC International Investment Forum. So far, BCF has donated $ 100,000 worth of cipher money to 82 homeless people and donates the full equipment to the BCF in the case of cryptograms listed on Bainance since October. In addition, funding details and execution details are posted online in real time through the block chain to enhance the transparency and credibility of donations for public interest purposes. Binnance says it will restore public confidence in donations on a block-chain basis.

The project funded by BCF is two aid projects for Uganda’s refugees and maltese males. The Ugandan refugee relief project is to provide refugees with subsistence supplies in mid October through heavy rain in the Uganda Vudu area. The Ugandan government is working together and 7,000 refugees are expected to benefit. The Malta Hooks Support Project is funding the Maltese Community Heart Foundation. It is for the medical treatment of the ICU.

Even before the BCF was founded, Binnance was using the block chain for public interest relief. In July, Hiroshima, Okayama, Japan sent a $ 1.41 million fund to the charity foundation for earthquake victims in Ehime Prefecture. More information about BCF can be found here .



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