Fire suppression · Building window cleaning drones?

The Aeron AD28 (Aerones AD28) is an oversized dron that weighs up to 200 kilograms at the weight of the load. The drones can use a device that can spray water at high pressure to clean the building windows or drop ice from the wind turbine blades. Of course, it can help firefighting activities of high-rise building by utilizing performance that can rise to 300m altitude.

Air Lons start up in Latvia. The AD28, made by the company, rotates 28 propellers on the rotor so that it blows up a huge gas. As mentioned above, the cargo weight is only 200kg, so people can easily lift it. In fact, the drones have climbed up to 330 meters in height with people hanging and challenged to jump in and land on the parachute.

The difference between the Airon’s AD28 and a conventional drones is that it receives power from the outside. This allows you to continue to run the motor without having to stay trapped in the battery. If you are cleaning the building, you can also use the extension hose on the ground. It is said that the cleaning liquid can be sprayed at a maximum pressure of 500 bar. At the end, a roller can be installed to spray the cleaning liquid while pressing the building window.

This drone can support up to 300m tall building. It is not easy to wipe out the cleaning solution that is left on the glass, and the fact that the cleaning solution keeps falling to the ground needs improvement, but it is obvious that it is a product that allows us to think about new use of drones.

The drones can be used in various industries as well as cleaning the outer walls of buildings. It is expected to be used for fire-fighting activities if fire or ice is removed from the wings of wind power generation, and fire in high-rise buildings. For more information, please click here .



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