Save energy with salt?

With the development of new and renewable energy technologies such as solar power and wind power generation, materials and manufacturing technology themselves have improved and the price has become cheaper. Making renewable energy power plants more economical than using fossil fuels continues to be achieved. However, these renewable energy sources do not have the flexibility to increase power generation at the peak of power consumption. Because the sun or wind does not match human circumstances. This problem does not arise because thermal power can regulate the output to meet power demand.

This is a relatively new environmentally friendly renewable energy, but for this reason, it is important to use the energy that collects additional energy in addition to the peak time for large-scale transmission. The problem is that this traditional chiropractic is still expensive or inefficient. In California, where solar power is being deployed, 30% of generated power is wasted without being used. The oversupply of 2.2GWh was wasted in 2014.

Malta, which is injected by the Google parent company Alphabet affiliate X (formerly called Google X), may improve this situation. Malta is developing efficient storage methods using molten salts. Soluble salts are salts in which the salts of cation and anion are heated and become liquid.

The first process is to make electricity by the wind and the sun in a wagon. Malta uses this energy to create heat and chill and send it to separate tanks. The heat is used to make a molten salt and the cool air in the other tank cools the cooling water. When electric power is needed, power generation is carried out using temperature difference. Instead of storing it in a battery like a lithium battery, it stores energy with heat and chill. It seems that the prototype studies over several years are ready for execution.

Malta is viable in terms of environment and cost. Parts and materials are inexpensive. Most of the system, tank, air, cooling water and so far have been. Salt can minimize deterioration and harmful by-products that are easily extracted from the soil. Tanks with salt can be reused thousands of times and can withstand for 40 years. It is 3 times longer than existing storage.

Malta participates in billionaire investment projects such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. It has been studied as Project Malta until now, but it is interested in what kind of figure it will show in the future. For more information, please click here .



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