Medium 40% “Considering future password investment”

40 percent of Chinese think they are investing in cryptography in the future. According to local media reports, the ICO and the cryptographic exchange continue to be banned, but interest in cryptography has not diminished in China.

The survey was conducted in the form of questionnaires for 4,200 people. The survey found that nearly half of the respondents said they heard the word currency, digital currency, and bitcoin. Sixty-three percent said they believe cryptography does not need to be a means of payment. 22.2% said they are aware of the concept of tokens based on block chains.

The Chinese government has announced last year that it has banned ICOs and cryptographic exchanges that fund tokens. In August, it was reported that the ICO and its intention to crack down on sites that are available as bypass routes for cryptographic currency transactions. The Chinese government has been cautious about the outflow of funds from China using bit coin and cryptography as the US-China trade war continues.

In the United States, expectations for cryptography are also rising. If the former House of Commons Ron Paul had to hold the same form for ten years for ten thousand dollars in November, a twenty – five percent asked whether he would like to receive it in the same form, and the majority chose the bit coin. For more information, please click here .



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