Future city car imagined by Citroen

Ami One is a miniature electric vehicle concept model optimized for urban transport, announced by the French automobile company Citroën.

The Citroen side calls Amiwon the Urban Mobility rather than the Automobile. The short car body, which is 2.5m long, 1.5m wide and 1.5m high, is classified as a micro car in Europe, but it can be operated without a driver’s license if it is 16 years old or older.

For this reason, the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h. The information on powertrain is not clear, but the maximum output is similar to that of an internal combustion engine micro-car, so it’s called a 50cc gasoline engine. The bottom of the body is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the continuous running distance is 100km, and the battery can be fully charged in two hours.

Amiwon is short in length and can be expected to benefit from parking on the street in the city center. The size is small, but with a giant 18-inch tire in a position to escape from the car body to give a lumpy sense of visibility to express stability and strength.

In addition to its interesting appearance, the same parts were used on the front and rear doors of the front and rear doors to reduce manufacturing costs. The doors are all hinged to the right so that the driver can open the door on the left front and the passenger seat on the rear. Door handles Rubber straps as well as side mirror parts can be mounted on both sides. The front and rear panels are also reversed upside down. Both left and right fenders are common. In addition, many parts are rearranged, rearranged, and left and right common to reduce cost.

Ami-won supports the structure of unlocking a door with a smart phone, not a key. You can open the door through the QR code located on the side of the door to see if you are thinking of sharing a car or renting a car. The passenger seat is fixed type, but the driver’s seat can be adjusted with the slide. In front of Joe Jung, there is space to store things like bags.

Instead of sitting at the driver’s seat, I start the car by connecting the smartphone and the car. Of course, the inside of the smartphone also equipped with wireless charging function. It also has a 5-inch display instead of a dashboard to display driving information such as speed and range. Navigation and infotainment systems illuminate forward through a transparent panel like a head-up display. There are only two buttons attached to the steering wheel: voice recognition secretary call and menu selection. It also has a speaker for Bluetooth connectivity.

Citroën has developed this vehicle in consideration of the mobility it can use as much as the city dwellers need. Minimum units can be rented freely from 5 minutes to 5 hours for 5 days or 5 months or 5 years rental. If you book with a smartphone app, you can buy and return the car through the Unmanned One Counter. If you rent a long term, the maintenance fee will be included in the monthly fee. For more information, please click here .



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