Nvidia Medical AI Helps in Radiographic Analysis

Clara is a medical AI kit developed by NVIDIA. NVIDIA is active in the field of AI and deep-running with the advantage of being a GPU developer. Medical AI is one of these targets. Clara is a toolkit that includes medical AI to support radiation used for imaging diagnosis.

Clara is a kit that includes AI and software tools developed for radiation. And to support medical image processing used for image diagnosis. It analyzes the patient image taken by X-rays and supports the radiation work to find disease and tumor signs.

Building a diagnostic image AI requires a collection of learning data. Clara has the ability to support data set labels, which increases the speed at which radiation generates data sets. The fact that it is difficult to take the time to create a dataset to implement this function is one of the factors that prevent AI adoption in the medical field.

Clara uses label support to speed data set creation. With a few clicks, the AI automatically identifies the selected agency boundary. Even if the image changes to a video, the AI follows the movement and identifies the organ.

With label support, the liver can be annotated 8 times faster, the spleen 10 times faster, and the pancreas 4 times faster than conventional methods. It can be a good support tool for job-hunting radiation workers.

With Clara, the physician can also tailor Clara’s existing models to individual health care facilities or patients. Clara has already been used in major cancer centers such as the German Cancer Research Center, the Ohio State University, the US National Institutes of Health, and the University of California. For more information, please click here .



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