“Ultima Thule is the Early Sign of the Planet”

An analysis of the Ultima Thule, located on the Kuiper Belt in January, was conducted by New Horizon. NASA NASA announced the results of analyzing the data obtained from the observations and explained the reasons for the geology and origins, surface and strange shape of this small object.

New Horizon was observing in the process of flying low through the side of Ultima Thule, official name 2014 MU69. At that time, the probe captured the image and sent the data securely to the Earth, 6.6 billion kilometers away.

Of course, data analysis is still time-consuming to complete, but in this announcement, NASA said it is a fascinating piece of data, and it has changed the perception of how this small chunk becomes a material for Pluto-like planets at the Kuiper Belt.

Ultima Thule is shaped like a snowball or toy chick clinging to two chunks. The outline itself resembles a comet – Gerasimenco comet. Also, the larger of the two lumps is Ultima, the small one is Thule.

The researchers found that these two lumps may not necessarily be combined. However, the analysis of the images taken by the probe confirmed that it was also attached to one. Ultima is a flat pancake-like shape, but Thule is like a large grill.

The researchers say that Ultima Thule is a type that shows how the planets of the solar system are formed, showing that they are increasingly becoming larger planets, repeating the combination. In other words, Ultima Thule is a trail of the ancient universe, leaving the first appearance of a kind of asteroid, planet, etc.

Ultima Thule collects coloring topics. Until now, I did not know about black and white photography, but the actual color is very deep red. On the surface, there are also signs of methanol, ice, and organic molecules. The researchers are looking into new data sent by New Horizon, and the analysis is likely to continue until 2020. For more information, please click here .



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