No external sensors needed … Oculus Lift S

Oculus Rift S is a new virtual reality headset announced by Oculus.

This product is PC connected type. The head and controller position can be recognized without an external sensor, and the display resolution has been improved by 40% higher than the previous models, while changing the mounting method to improve usability.

The existing Oculus Lift headset had to be equipped with a separate PC connection camera to allow the two-hand controller position to be recognized. However, the new Oculus Lift S is equipped with 5 wide-angle cameras on the body, so it can be tracked without using external sensors.

Oculus Insight, the location tracking technology that the product adopts, uses the same approach as the Oculus Quest, a stand-alone model.

Thanks to the connection cable has also reduced. Of course, this product is PC-connected, so it is not completely cable-less. However, the existing Oculus Lift was inconvenient to install two or three external cameras as well as a PC and a headset. On the other hand, the Oculus Lift S has only one cable between the PC and the headset.

The display featuring this product has a resolution of 1280 × 1440 pixels per side and supports 600 ppi. Considering that the previous model was 1080 × 1200, 456ppi, the number of pixels is about 40% higher. The viewing angle also increased a little from 115 degrees to 110 degrees. In addition, IPD, which had previously required the lens to be moved physically, has been able to handle software-based distance control of the left and right eyes. The refresh rate has been changed from 90Hz to 80Hz this time.

I also worked with Lenovo to change the mounting method. If the weight of the existing product has been weighted forward, this time, the center of gravity is distributed to the front and back of the head. The band adjustment also changed easily from velcro to dial like PS VR.

The audio is a band-integrated earphone, and Passthrough +, a function that displays real-time external images captured by a tracking camera, allows you to see the outside without removing the headset. The price is $ 399. For more information, please click here .



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