Amendments to the EU Copyright Directive passed by Parliament

The EU Parliament has approved a revision of the Copyright Directive, which is a more rigorous copyright law. There is criticism from the entertainment industry including artists and artists groups such as YouTube because of link tax that can claim royalties for Internet connection and Article 13 which requires platform operators to take responsibility for copyright violations.

Among them, Article 13 of the revised Copyright Act amendment. The fear of copyright violations by the platform operators to be responsible for copyright violations is causing concern that the platform may lead to strict censorship of Internet content.

There have already been more than five million people in the campaign against the EU’s Copyright Amendment, and a protest of 150,000 people has actually taken place, but a number of European Parliament members voted to approve the amendment. The results showed that there were 348 votes in favor, 274 against, and 36 abstentions.

However, there is a European Parliament member who says that a vote on the contents of Articles 11 and 13 of the amendment bill of the EU Copyright Act is a mistake. According to reports, two members of the Swedish Democratic Party made a mistake in a vote to subtract Articles 11 and 13 from the amendment to the Copyright Act. If there was no wrong vote, it could be pointed out that Articles 11 and 13 could have been deleted.

But the EU has denied that the results of the vote are not upsetting, as the official can release the ballot and revise the vote in the European Parliament, but the outcome remains unchanged. As a result, there are few obstacles to stop the strictness of copyright law across Europe. In the future, the Council of Europe will vote on the final draft of the revised Copyright Directive.

Of course there is a chance that you will not get a majority of votes here, but at least one major country needs to change its mind to do this. Therefore, German and Polish activists are lobbying to change the position of the government to amend the Copyright Directive.

If such an attempt fails, the introduction of the amendment becomes a reality. EU General Data Protection Rule Unlike the GDPR, the amendments to the EU Copyright Act are superseded by the Copyright Act of the EU Member States, and the EU aims to introduce it by 2021. First of all, it is France that has strongly supported copyright revision. Poland, meanwhile, is likely to take a long time to get introduced here because many politicians are opposed to the revised Copyright Act.

On the other hand, when the EU Parliament approved the amendment of the copyright guideline, YouTube quickly made a statement. For more information, please click here .



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