“The Argentine government has to legalize a bit coin,”

US venture capitalist Tim Draper has advised the Argentine government to legalize bit coin and aim to boost the economy.

According to reports, he spoke with the president of Argentina and talked about the plunge of Argentina’s peso, the peso, and the blockbuster cipher and brain drain crisis to improve the economy. Talking about Bitcoin and the peso weakness, he said he offered to double his investment in Argentina if the peso was bigger than the bit coin. But if the beat coin is bigger than the peso value, Argentina says it has to declare the beat coin in court currency.

In the interview, he pointed out that the beat coin and the block chain are more revolutionary than the Internet and that Argentina is a good time for adoption. It is an opportunity to completely change banking, commerce and financial systems. Between 2022 and 2023, Bitcoin is expected to account for 5 percent of all markets in the world at $ 250,000. It is argued that bit coin will be selected if it can be used like dollar and pes. The reason is that it is possible to globalize without dispersion and open friction.

Meanwhile, Argentina is pursuing a friendly policy on cryptography. The Argentine government recently reported that it co-invested in a cryptographic blockbuster chain project, such as the cryptographic exchange Bainance. In addition, Binang CEO, Zhao Changfeng, suggested the launch of an exchange that could be exchanged for Argentina’s legal currency in March. At present, the pace of the peso against the US dollar does not stop, and inflation is rising. For more information, please click here .



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