Heartbeat, coffee extract according to environment?

Teplo is a coffee pot that extracts coffee according to your heartbeat or environment. If you go to a famous shop, you can change the way you make coffee or tea depending on the weather, humidity, and your mood. Tefro is a similar product.

It is a tea server that extracts tea and tea leaves. If the tea leaves are designated as smart phones, boil them at the right temperature for this tea. At this time, put your finger on the sensor located in the front, measure heart and body temperature. Here, temperature, humidity, and noise levels are also added to suggest how to brew the person and the environment.

For example, if your heart rate and body temperature are high and the ambient noise is high, you may feel stressed, and you may have a car with a sweet taste at a slightly lower temperature. If your heart rate is low as in the morning and the ambient noise level is low, It is boiling. We will also evaluate how to brew tea with smartphones and learn about user preferences.

Teflo also supports voice secretaries such as Apple Siri, Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa. Thanks to the tea leaves and water only if you can boil tea by voice command. It is a feature often seen in coffee makers, but it is a rare feature in te server.

The product also raised funds through a kickstart, a crowdfunding site. For more information, please click here .



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