Cylindrical growers for indoor vegetable harvesting?

OGarden Smart is a drum type gardening machine that allows you to grow vegetables in the room. This product can grow 30 ~ 60 kinds of seedlings at the same time. The secret is in the upper part, which does not fall when turned over, but always receives light. Placing such a shape on a flat surface occupies a lot of space and makes it difficult to uniformly illuminate the light.

The bottom shelf plays a role until the bud emerges from the seed. Here, when the root is turned down, it can be stabilized even if turned upside down, so that the drum can be rotated and photosynthesis can be performed.

The benefits of the Ogarden smart are, for example, that they are cultivated without being affected by the weather at all, and that they do not need insect pests, insecticides or herbicide spraying. You do not need to spray water every time you pay attention to the amount of water. Because the LED light is used, the power consumption is also 120W low power.

It is said that the sprouts at the bottom and the growth cycle at the top can be harvested every three to four days throughout the year. In this respect, it may be an attractive product for modern people who lack vegetables and vegetables.

The product was also collected through a kickstart, a crowdfunding site. For more information, please click here .



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