Michelin · GM “Punk Anna tires, commercialization target in 2024”

Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System) is a non-puncture tire prototype announced by tire company Michelin and automaker GM. The test will begin in the southeastern part of the state of Michigan, USA, with the aim of commercialization in 2024.

As well as non-puncture tires, there is something that has been put to practical use. It has the structure to support the weight even if the sidewall strength is high and air is missing. There was also a type that filled the rubber material inside the tire. But not all of them are perfectly air-tight. After puncture, it was aimed to avoid the accident by making it possible to run safely for a while.

In recent years, tire makers have reviewed tire tread structure fundamentally and developed it. The tire has tread surfaces and wheel parts connected by spokes made of glass fiber resin and basket structure.

Michelin has also developed air-free tires, and this time it will evaluate the reliability of high-speed driving, which is a weakness of the tires, in conjunction with GM’s test of actual sales.

Air-pre-tires may be the mainstream for self-propelled vehicles rather than for people. If a self-propelled vehicle is punctured while driving, AI may attempt to continue driving to its destination without having learned how to respond. There may be risks such as self-propelled vehicles carrying loads or collapsed cargoes.

If you install an air-pre-tire from the beginning before this situation occurs, you will be able to carry out your work without any problems as long as there is no puncture. However, the problem is that the specifications and the structure required for the air-pryer vary from company to company and the characteristics such as the weight performance may be different. Whether sudden acceleration, sudden braking, or sudden turn of a tire can be worried.

Michelin began producing airless tires in 2018 and started mass production. It may be said that it is one step ahead of other manufacturers staying at the concept stage. For more information, please click here .



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