Uber, fast food delivered to the drones.

Uber will start a drones-based fast-food delivery service in San Diego this summer. According to reports, Uber has been preparing since May of last year.

It is fun to have the drones stop in front of the front porch to get food, but Uber is the designated safe landing area, not the customer ‘s house, to deliver fast food to the drones. Uber staff will manually lower the hood and deliver it to the customer’s door.

The drones will recognize the QR code and determine where to land, and it is possible that the roof of the Uber car parked at this designated safe landing point may also be included.

The drones will be about the same as the regular rates and will cost about $ 8.5 in San Diego. McDonald’s early partner. Uber has teamed up with McDonald’s to design a package that can carry hamburgers and potatoes in a warm condition.

The drones can be reached in just 7 minutes, 2.4 km away. Considering that it takes 21 minutes to get on a car and bike, you can see how efficient the drone is.

Uber side project manager Eric Ellison says that customers want both quality and utility, and that the drones can satisfy all of them.

Meanwhile, Uber selected San Diego because the FAA is one of the ten commercial cities to test commercial drones based on weather in 2018. Uber is currently waiting for FAA approval to start the service, and reports that the FAA will soon be issuing permits.

Of course, you can order only McDonald’s in the early days of drones delivery, but it will be your initial partner and you will have various partners like Uberitz. Delivery by drones can be an opportunity to build data on how to approach noise, safety and air traffic management. For more information, please click here .



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