A beautiful spy made by AI that is active in SNS

Image generation technology using AI continues to evolve. In fact, you can easily find things on the Internet, such as photos of real celebrities synthesized by AI, and portraits that do not exist in the world. In the meantime, the fact that the virtual account using AI’s profile in the profile was intended to contact government officials who were the grandfather of President Trump was revealed in the report.

According to reports, the role of this spy is on the LinkedIn profile of a person named Katie Jones. She has shown her career as one of the best think tanks, with an intellectual-looking female face photograph, at CSIS and the prestigious University of Michigan at the University of Michigan.

But experts have discovered that these face pictures are fake. The reason that the face photographs are fake is that the background is unclear and there are unnatural points in the background or the eyes, there is a sculptural touch, wrinkles or dust on the cheeks, strange scales on the ears, distorted eye shape, And the color is different. It is pointed out that this is a typical characteristic of the face generated by the hostile generation network GAN.

Amateur eyes can be clearly seen in the shape of ear or earrings, but if you look at it as a whole, if you have been posted on the SNS profile as a natural face image will not give you a sense of incongruity.

Jones’ LinkedIn account has 52 people connected. Among them is Paul Winfree, who previously served as national policy advisor under President Trump. But right after the news, he said he had deleted his Jones account.

The fake LinkedIn account was discovered when Keir Giles, a consultant at the Royal Institute of International Studies, a think tank in the UK, got a new connection from this account. He was also a specialist in Russia’s security affairs, and he was convinced that he would not have known her if he had had a career in CSIS as a Russian and Eurasian Fellow. A spokesman for CSIS also said that he refused to register Katie Jones.

US National Intelligence Service ONCIX said it is much more efficient to use 30,000 PCs in Shanghai to send friends than to send real spies to the US. It is the view that the US hostile government is spying on a fake SNS profile. For more information, please click here .



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