Raspberry pie, blog also built with raspberry pie?

The Raspberry Pie Foundation recently announced the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The CPU and RAM are bigger than the previous models, with Gigabit Ethernet and USB type C terminals. Raspberry Pie 4 is still a single-board computer, but surprisingly it is being used on a server that built the official blog of Raspberry Pie.

Mystic Beasts, a provider of personalized hosting services using raspberry pie, received four samples of over fourteen raspberry pies through the Raspberry Pie Foundation. I originally intended to build a cloud server using Raspberry Pie 4, but at the time of receiving Raspberry Pie 4, I gave up not having the required functionality for running cloud servers in the firmware. For this reason, the official blog server of Raspberry Pie decided to build a raspberry pie.

Raspberry Pie 4 18 WordPress Enviroment Clusters If you look at 14 clusters in the 18s, 56 core 56GB ram will handle PHP code execution and 2 8 core 8GB static file processing, as well as 2 memory caches running do.

At midnight on June 22nd, the actual traffic was switched from the old server to the Raspberry P4 cluster. Using the Raspberry Pie 3 Model B took 2.1 seconds to generate the page, but using the Raspberry Pie 4 Model B reduced it to 0.8 seconds. The average user will most likely be able to get the page to cache faster.

Unfortunately, this configuration is not a standard operating environment for the official site of Raspberry Pie. Raspberry Pie 4, which we built this time, adopted local storage by SD card, not online storage. The operating system is one of the Linux distributions (Debian 10 Buster), but the official release of this operating system is July 6. It is still a test version. Note that you should not use critical web sites that consist of raspberry pie clusters. It is not the whole stack. Mystic Vitz said he could migrate the entire stack to Raspberry Pie, but it is a test for now and says that if something goes wrong, you can switch to other hardware in addition to Raspberry Pie. For more information, please click here .



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