US Nashville “Scooter Rental Banned”

Nashville, Tennessee, USA, announced a ban on rental of shared scooters. It is aimed at sharing scooters currently popular in the United States. The shared scooter is a useful means of transportation when traveling a distance that is too long to be reached by car and walking. You can easily use the scooters placed all over the transaction by unlocking the smartphone.

Nashville Mayor David Briley tweeted that after completing seven pilot projects in progress in the city, the electric scooter was taken off the road. We tested the relative cost of public safety and accessibility that these shared scooters would bring, but in the end the introduction was unfair to the residents. Added.

The mayor of Nashville has reviewed the ban on scooters a month ago. However, the decision to completely dismantle was due to the recent death of a scooter in Nashville. In May, a 26-year-old young man was hit by a vehicle while driving a scooter and died. According to the police, the young man had more than twice as much alcohol as the upper limit set by law at the time of the accident.

The shared scooter business flourished in Nashville, and seven companies were operating. There were 4,000 scooters lining the road. The mayor said it plans to consult with the city council and finally admit to relocating one or two small scooters on the street. Each company will compete for this narrow gap through a process supervised by the City Transportation Licensing Commission.

Although the cause of the scooter-related fatality was a car crash, it was possible to injure someone else seriously, given that it was drunk driving. Even children or the elderly who are suddenly unable to respond may need to be cracked down as they use the road. Of course, scooter rental itself can be said to be a good system, but it is pointed out that now it is necessary to go to the stage of making rules such as strict rules and penalties for violations. Related information can be found here .



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