Amazon no cashier system, even in airports or cinemas?

Amazon has expanded Amazon Go, a peopleless convenience store, over the past few years. However, it is said that Amazon is not staying here and is planning to introduce such a registry system to other retailers such as airports and movie theaters.

With Amazon Go, Amazon can expect to increase its presence as a retailer while reducing its dependence on online shopping. By introducing a system that does not have a checkout counter, it is possible to realize system cost reduction at a high rate at Amazon. It is also pointed out that Amazon will use it as a new growth strategy for Amazon’s cloud business over competitors.

Amazon has already launched 16 Amazon Go stores in the United States, and more than 30 other types of stores, such as Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star. Amazon is said to be targeting 3,000 stores by 2021.

According to foreign media reports, Amazon is planning to increase transaction speed by introducing the basic components of the Regiris system into third-party systems. It is in discussions with a company to introduce Amazon Go’s regiris system to airports and movie theaters. Another source said that Amazon is also considering introducing a cashier-free system for stores inside the ballpark. According to this, it is being considered to start providing Regiris technology in the first quarter of 2020 and to introduce it into hundreds of store systems by the end of 2020.

When it comes to introducing regiris systems to other companies, Amazon is looking at different business models and looking at ways such as charging a few percent of store sales or billing retailers monthly. In addition, it is said that it is not known whether the Amazon brand name will be displayed in the app used for customer payment through the Regiris system.

The Regiris system is said to be possible without using AWS, an Amazon cloud computing resource. However, over time, it is speculated that retailers will be able to increase their adoption of the Amazon Regis system, which will start adopting AWS. Related information can be found here .



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