Jul stops selling fruit flavors in the US

JUUL announced that it will stop selling fruit flavored e-cigarettes on October 17 (local time). Concerns over the increase in the use of teen e-cigarettes are rising, and fruit flavor is being pointed out as one of the reasons. In fact, some states and cities in the U.S. issued laws banning the sale of e-cigarettes and canceled sales of large marts such as Walmart.

In addition, statistics show that unexplained respiratory diseases related to the use of e-cigarettes have increased rapidly in the United States.

Zul has stopped selling fruit pots in stores since last year, but has been selling them online. However, with this announcement, the sale of fruit flavors was completely stopped. Of course, mint, menthol, and nicotine flavors continue to be sold. Joule said it was reviewing the policy ahead of the FDA guidelines, but said the move was not final, indicating that it might re-launch fruit flavors in the future. KC Crossweight’s CEO Zul says that Zul should reset its e-cigarette category by restoring social trust and working with regulators and government stakeholders to provide an alternative to smoking underage.

Of course, some criticize Joule’s announcement that it will continue to sell mint and menthol flavors as a measure that did not take seriously that it should essentially prevent youth use. Related information can be found here .



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