Increased fruit fly lifespan by 1.5 times?

According to a recent report, an experiment conducted on fruit flies revealed that the use of drugs could increase lifespan by 1.5 times. As a result of conducting a study in which a stabilizing agent, an anticancer agent, and an immunosuppressant, with an average lifespan of 11%, were administered to Drosophila several times, it was found that the life span was increased by almost 30% by administering two drugs at the same time rather than single administration. It is said that if the three types were administered at the same time, they could live up to 48% longer than without the drug.

Of course, the University of London Institute of Healthy Aging (IHA), who conducted the study, said the purpose of the study was not to escape from death, but to help humans live healthy and disease-free at the end of their life. All drugs used in the experiment have already been approved and are widely used in the medical field. In the future, it is said that it is aiming at early use by conducting experiments on rats.

Drugs can be a dangerous combination, so it’s best to avoid taking multiple drugs at once. However, as this study proceeds further, new alternatives may arise to live longer and healthier. Related information can be found here .



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