More companies that ship products past the expiration date in Amazon?

Whole Foods, an American supermarket chain, sells fresh food, but its parent company, Amazon, seems to need to pay attention to the food it sells. According to foreign media reports, Amazon frequently sells products such as brownies, jerky, and baby foods that have expired significantly out of the shelf life, and products such as Teavana brand sugar and fruit tea that Starbucks stopped selling and released in 2017. It is said to be shipping.

According to data research firm 3PM, at least 40% of vendors selling goods on Amazon receive more than five complaints from buyers about product expiration. Some of the complaints include receiving products that smell of rancid and chemicals. It is said that some of the user reviews included coffee that had changed color and became thick.

The problem with purchasing products is that the product shelf life is not written like food, and when several companies handle the same product, it is not always clear where the product was purchased. Even within the expiration date, many reviews say that the expiration date is less than a few days from the time of arrival to the buyer.

In response to this point, Amazon removed some of its product listings and gave the company an extremely natural notice that it must comply with all Amazon policies in selling products. Amazon’s policy also includes a guarantee that the product must last at least 90 days. In addition, based on user feedback, Amazon conducts research using both AI and human resources, and excludes products or companies that have problems. If a violating product is found, it is removed, and accordingly, the business account is suspended.

However, expired products are still being sold to avoid such surveillance, and Amazon, which has not been able to fully understand the situation, may have some problems. In this case, new responsibilities may be required to increase the shelf life of the products provided to users, but it is not yet known whether Amazon will do so. Related information can be found here .



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