AI analyzed by security cam, warned in advance of gun crime?

In New Zealand in March, a man broke into a temple, fired a gun, and killed someone gathered for worship. Unlike conventional gun shooting crimes, the criminals have notified the crimes on the Internet and relayed their self-knowledge about the shootings through Internet broadcasting.

With this incident, the movement to protect current temples around the world from raids (Keep Mosques Safe) began. Athena Security, a supporter of the movement, announced that it will implement a new security system using AI at the mosque. It is said that this is to prevent the number of victims from increasing by the time the police go to the criminal after receiving the notification of the crime.

Now, to prevent crime, security cameras are increasingly installed in general homes, businesses, schools, and stadiums. However, such security cameras inevitably require know-how to analyze video. Even if you go out of the water level that you think is safe, if you don’t recognize it, such a security system can end in waste.

The AI security system that Athena Security will introduce is that AI analyzes the video captured by the security camera in real time, detects the presence of a weapon, and immediately sends a warning to alert the security guard of the danger. In addition, early warning notification may be provided to the police.

In addition, a warning message is sent to the intruder that a police officer is going to the scene to detect and immediately suppress the carrying of illegal weapons. It is expected to have the effect of giving up the shootings in advance. In addition to triggering an alarm, it is said that the elevator is stopped to prevent the intrusion and free movement of the criminal.

This system focuses on the discovery of weapons and offensive behavior. It is said that it is using actual crime videos and reproduction videos in cooperation with law enforcement agencies for AI platform training. As a result, it is said that it is possible to detect weapons and attacks with 99% accuracy in 3 seconds.

As it hasn’t been used in the field yet, it’s not clear whether this new system will help contain crime. There is also a lot of room for discussion, including privacy issues. Nevertheless, to ensure safety, the introduction of such a security system may spread rapidly everywhere. Related information can be found here .



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