Gameboy emulator with cloud support

Gameboy.Live is an open source Gameboy emulator developed by Chinese software engineer Aaron Liu. This emulator not only allows you to enjoy game ROMs for Game Boy, but also connects to a Telnet server to play cloud games.

According to the developer, with the intention of learning the programming language Go, developed by Google, we developed Game Boy Live, where you can enjoy Game Boy games on the desktop. Game Boy Live distributes the executable file through GitHub, and you can build it using open sources. The license is an MIT license.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest feature of Game Boy Live is that you can play cloud games using Telnet communication. Game Boy Live is equipped with a function to build a cloud game server, so you can build a cloud server where you can enjoy Game Boy anytime, anywhere by introducing Game Boy Live to a computer you prepared yourself. Game simulation or rendering is done entirely on the server.

The developer also wants to implement Game Boy color emulation MBC4, MBC5, HuC1 cartridge support, improved sound emulation completion, save and restore games at the cartridge level, save and restore games at the emulator level, and respond to multiplayer using the cloud game function. I chose it as a function. Related information can be found here .



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