The strongest response to global warming

As trees grow and absorb a lot of carbon dioxide, they say that farms can be a countermeasure against global warming caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Researchers at the University of Zurich argue that it is the most powerful and affordable way to tackle climate change.

The research team at the University of Zurich analyzed the green spaces in the world where trees are not currently planted. As a result, it is said that 1.2 trillion trees can be planted in such vacant lands around the world. If all are planted here, the planted trees are said to be able to absorb more carbon annually than carbon dioxide, such as carbon dioxide, which is artificially released from all over the world.

Based on 80,000 high-definition satellite images in Google Earth, the research team uses artificial intelligence to represent the growth of trees along with factors such as soil, topography, and climate, excluding rural and urban areas on the earth’s land and areas used for crop cultivation. I made a map.

The 1.7 billion hectares of land account for 11% of the total land area, which is comparable to that of the United States and China combined. For example, there are areas where trees are densely dense with near 100% density, such as rain forests, and there are scarce forests, so there is room for more forests on Earth than people imagine.

The research team says the findings show that the simple work of forest restoration is not one of the most effective means of combating global warming, but overwhelmingly the best and most effective means. It is argued that it is more effective than any other global warming countermeasures that have already emerged. Of course, it should also be taken into account that it takes decades or more for the simmering effect to take effect. Reducing the use of fossil fuels and preventing deforestation should also be done on an ongoing basis.

However, the reason these forests are so effective is that anyone in the world can easily damage the planet regardless of the government’s will. Cooperation with governments and economic groups is needed for companies to cut large-scale greenhouse gas emissions and for scientists to receive funding to develop innovative technologies to combat global warming. On the other hand, forest reforestation can be implemented as a countermeasure for global warming by participating in the public or donating to afforestation organizations without any breakthroughs such as government permits or large-scale funding. Related information can be found here .



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