11 years after the swine flu… WHO declares COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization WHO has declared the novel coronavirus COVID-19 (COVID-19) as an infectious disease, a pandemic. WHO declared a pandemic 11 years after the 2009 pandemic.

At the WHO holding a regular press conference on the spread of Corona 19 infection, WHO Secretary General Thewardros Adhanom Governor Yeosus said that Corona 19 can be evaluated as a pandemic. Of course, on February 25th, the WHO expressed that it is not in the stage of calling it a global pandemic and pandemic about Corona 19.

Thewardross said that over the past two weeks, the prevention rate for Corona 19 infection has increased 13 times outside of China, and the number of countries affected has tripled. According to the WHO, as of March 11, 118,000 people in 114 countries were infected with Corona 19, and 4,291 people died. And over the next few days to weeks, more cases and deaths are expected.

More than 90% of cases of Corona 19 infection are reported in only four countries, of which China and Korea are already reported to have significantly reduced the outbreak. In addition, 81 countries have not yet reported cases, and 57 countries have reported less than 10 cases, so they are succeeding in controlling the spread of infection.

WHO has continued to evaluate the outbreak of Corona 19 infection for 24 hours, and Secretary General Thewardros is deeply concerned about the spread and severity of Corona 19 infection, and not taking correct measures. Explained the process of the COVID-19 pendemic declaration.

Thewardross said misuse of the pandemic could lead to unnecessary suffering and death, causing unreasonable fear and unreasonable acceptance. Nevertheless, describing the situation as an infectious disease does not affect the WHO’s assessment of the threat posed by the virus. He stressed that the behavior of WHO is also unchanged. It means that the recognition of it as a pandemic does not change the response of the WHO or countries.

Also, according to the WHO, this is the first pandemic caused by the coronavirus to be infected with Corona 19. Secretary General Thewardross said that he had never seen a pandemic that could control this much, and stressed that countermeasures against Corona 19 infection are in effect.

Secretary General Thewardross said that countries can prevent the spread of infection throughout the community by detecting suspected infections, testing, treatment, quarantine, and tracking. Said that you can. It also said that some countries have demonstrated that it can contain the virus. Even a pandemic can be minimized through correct actions.

He also praised the measures taken to prevent and control the spread of Corona 19 in Iran, Italy and South Korea, saying that some countries are suffering from lack of ability, lack of support, and lack of national determination. “We understand that the actions taken by each country will hurt society and the economy as well as China,” he said. “All countries should strike a balance between protecting health, minimizing economic or social disruption, and respecting human rights.” In addition, as WHO’s duty is public hygiene, he announced that it will work with partners in all fields to mitigate the social and economic impact of infectious diseases.

He said that in order to prevent and minimize the impact of Corona 19 infection, the government and society as a whole should first prepare for infection, detect and protect infection, treat, suppress the spread of infectious diseases, and innovate technology. Related information can be found here .



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