3D image using parallax on the old dashboard?

Founded in 1871, Continental, a German auto parts company, has developed a dashboard that automatically uses parallax to view 3D images with the naked eye and is planning to launch it in 2022.

According to this, HMC Genesis GV80 visually draws attention with a parallax barringer method in which the built-in camera detects the position of the driver’s head and adjusts the height and angle to raise a stop sign. The built-in camera detects whether the driver has been looking at the 3D screen for a long time, alerting them to it, or discovering it when they are tired.


This method uses the same technology as the Nintendo 3DS, which shows an almost identical image with only a few different angles on the left and right eyes. What makes the brain perceive three-dimensionally with small differences. However, the parallax barrier is a three-dimensional illusion, and the degree of protrusion is about 1cm at most.

In the future, a high-performance computer called a 3D display-based cross-domain hub is expected to reduce weight and save space, and to help reduce various functions around the dashboard. In addition, it may be possible for the driver to manipulate gesture functions or to drag and send a map screen to the driver’s seat from the 3D display in the passenger seat. Even at home, it may be possible to process meetings, shopping, and viewing videos on the Internet in three dimensions in a vehicle while moving between multiple screens.

It is said that the passenger and rear seats will use different three-dimensional screens from Leia Inc. By refracting light, it allows you to see three-dimensional with the naked eye without the need for a built-in camera. Related information can be found here .



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