Minecraft provides free textbooks

Microsoft has started to provide free Minecraft Marketplace Minecraft Education Collection (Minecraft Marketplace Minecraft Education Collection) in response to the spread of Corona 19 infection.

Supervised by NASA, the International Space Station ISS, Mount Olympus, where Greek gods and heroes can experience the mythical world, a huge model power plant structure where you can actually learn the structure and function of the eyeball, and learn energy problems. We are preparing content that you can learn while playing in the fields of science and history, biology, and mathematics, a world where you can create and build an urban three-dimensional fractal structure.

Minecraft can create a living world by defining flexible block movements and laws of physics that can reproduce from simple blocks to conceptual models to large cities. Most of all, because it is popular with students as a game, its introduction in the field of education is steadily taking place, and Microsoft is also releasing an Education Edition.

The textbook released this time for free can be enjoyed by anyone in the general Minecraft store. If you can access the Minecraft store from your PC or game console, you can download it from the new education category. The first were 13 types. The contents can be learned while playing with the game, prepared with your own characters or animals to explore huge structures. Voice and text guides, interactive textbooks, and virtual museums vary widely in format and content. The language is only English, but the language may not matter.

Educators can use it not only for inclusion or reference in the curriculum, but also for self-learners waiting at home. Free Minecraft textbook content is available until June 30th. Related information can be found here .



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