U.S. Wi-Fi 6GHz Band Uses Voting

The FCC of the US Federal Communications Commission announced on April 23 that it will vote for the use of the 6GHz Wi-Fi band.

During CES 2020 in January, the Wi-Fi Alliance expanded IEEE 802.11ax and announced WiFi 6E (WiFi 6E) including 6GHz band. The 6GHz band has been used for broadcasting and public service. Specifically, it was used for high-quality video transmission using a highly directional antenna or for power grid monitoring. If the FCC approves the use of Wi-Fi, not only will the communication speed be further improved in the office or home, but even if multiple terminals communicate at the same time, it is difficult to reduce the speed and reduce power consumption.

In the industry that has used the 6GHz band so far, allowing the use of the Wi-Fi frequency band is opposing the FCC, saying that it will interfere with existing business. In addition, there are talks about using part of the 6GHz band for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) intelligent transportation system communication in the United States, and a similar review plan has been proposed in Europe.

In response, Apple, Intel, Google, and Facebook have sent letters to the FCC, stating that access to the 6GHz band is necessary to provide consumers with key new features in response to today’s wireless technology user demand.

The FCC is basically not making a problem with the commercial use of the 6GHz band in Wi-Fi. According to reports, if the new rules are approved, routers that support Wi-Fi 6E could be released as early as Christmas 2020. However, as Corona 19 is spreading worldwide now, the situation cannot be known until the end of Corona 19. Related information can be found here .



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