Apple to pay full April wages for bus drivers

The driver who drives a bus for employees of conglomerates in Silicon Valley in the United States is also in an unstable position as they are forced to wait at home due to workplace closures and prohibitions from going out due to the spread of Corona 19 infection.

Most high-tech companies, including Google, have agreed to pay the full amount of the driver’s driver if he was working full-time until April. It is said that the local union struggled to agree with Apple more than anywhere else. Not long ago, there were reports of promises to pay workers through a subcontractor who manages facilities at Apple’s headquarters.

The US-Canada trade union (Teamsters 853), who negotiated, said that the hardest place was Apple. The union said that although Apple, contracted through the contractor, reached an agreement to pay the driver, the details were confirmed much later than others, so some drivers applied for unemployment insurance because they feared arrears. And not so long ago, it was agreed to settle the payment of wages that the driver had spent at home until at least May 4th.

In response, Apple said it is working with all suppliers to ensure that wages are paid to hourly workers such as cleaners during difficult times. Above all, some of the contractors reportedly told the union that some of the contractors fired 100 drivers after a while because Apple didn’t promise to pay. You can see that the response was quite slow.

Anyway, paying 100% of the wages right now gives the driver a sense of security who spends an uneasy time at home. However, the compensation is only for April, and given that the spread of infection is not converging and the situation is turning into May, the uncertain time may continue. Related information can be found here .



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