Wal-Mart introduced to help shopping with neighbors

Wal-Mart announced a new service, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, to help people suffering from the Corona 19 epidemic along with Nextdoor, a community-specific SNS.

You should refrain from going out due to Corona 19, but you need daily necessities that are indispensable in everyday life. Among them, in the case of the elderly or chronically ill, who are at high risk of becoming infected with Corona 19, shopping near their home can also be life-threatening. This service is to increase shopping help among neighbors. When a Nextdoor member selects this feature through a site or app, the Wal-Mart in the area where he lives is displayed on the map. If you select the nearest store, you can ask to shop for yourself or vice versa.

If both sides match, share information on a bulletin board or note with each other, and check the necessary supplies and delivery methods. At this time, you can also select a contactless payment method or a delivery method as an option. In addition, the number of people going to the store can be reduced, which has the advantage of reducing the risk of infection for shoppers as well.

Uber and Rift started the service for such a necessity shopping agency business. However, in the United States, where the tipping culture is rooted, it is difficult not to tip the person who delivered the delivery. On the other hand, the delivery that Wal-Mart and Nextdoor introduced is to help each other everywhere, so free volunteering is the principle. Therefore, this service is less expensive than an online delivery service that requires a tip. As long as you have to continue shopping while COVID-19 is prevalent, it can be a means of helping people who cannot afford to use online delivery services and relying on each other.

Wal-Mart has been conducting research to provide services to customers with humanity and mutual understanding during difficult times. This cooperation will connect neighbors so that essential goods can be delivered to members of the community, reduce contact between people, and reduce the number of shoppers in stores. He said he expects to be there. Related information can be found here .



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