Renamed G Suite, Unlimited Storage Service Abolished

Google changed its software suite, G Suite, to Google Workspace, and accordingly, the service content and plan specifications changed. As a result, the unlimited storage that can be used by general users in G Suite is abolished in Google Workspace.

In an announcement on October 6 (local time), Google announced that it would rename G Suite to Google Workspace. In addition to the name, UI reorganization, function expansion, and rate plan changes were also carried out at the same time. However, as a result of modifying the number of registered members per plan and service details according to the change of the plan, the unlimited storage service in G Suite will not be available to individual users.

Before the change, the storage space and the maximum number of users who used G Suite were not limited to individuals and corporations, and in the case of the G Suite Business plan, when 5 or more people signed up, the storage capacity was unlimited at a monthly fee per person.

However, the plan contents changed when switching to Google Workspace. There is no storage limit and valid storage limits are 30 GB for Business Starter, 2 TB for Business Standard and 5 TB for Business Plus.

You can also increase capacity beyond 5TB by signing up for a large business plan. Large business plans require direct consultation with a Google sales representative when signing up, but storage space can be increased as needed. It is not explicitly unrestricted, but in reality it is estimated that it will operate unrestricted.

Currently, users of G Suite must switch to Google Workspace to use the unlimited storage plan. However, Google plans to switch all users to the Google Workspace system in the future, and users with an unlimited storage plan may need to be prepared to move their data to other storage devices. Related information can be found here .



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