If you cook with a child… Mathematics and science knowledge?

With the Corona 19 epidemic, children are forced to study at home, and parents are increasingly required to teach their children. Claire Collins, a nutritionist at Newcastle University, recommends cooking as a home study topic. The reason is that if you cook with your child, you can increase not only nutritional knowledge, but also math and science knowledge.

The act of making dishes can increase your reading comprehension and comprehension skills according to the recipe when you are preparing. In addition, measuring the size and weight of materials is based on mathematical concepts, and can cultivate both a spirit of inquiry and ability to solve problems, which are the core of science.

The act of accurately estimating the size of ingredients and verifying food labels according to recipes basically requires math skills. In addition, cooking is a practical way to teach children abstract concepts because it is necessary to compare, measure, and arrange ingredients using scales such as weight, length, area, and volume to create dishes. You can also teach your children practical calculations, such as preparing 250 ml of water in a 62.5 ml cup when cooking together.

According to a study conducted by the Department of Nutrition at the University of East Carolina, where food was used as a material and science and mathematics were taught to fourth graders, a study found that children who took food subject classes significantly improved not only nutrition-related knowledge but also science and mathematics knowledge compared to control children. have.

Also, if you cook yourself, you can learn meat. Explain that it is possible to learn the basics of nutrition by teaching which foods are harmful to health. In addition, it is said that they are learning nutritional knowledge and improving the nutritional balance of meals by conducting cooking training and crop development training classes in schools. Food education is an important concept for child growth. Five cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit meet the recommended daily intake. One in 20 adults meets this, compared to one in 17 children under the age of 18. It is pointed out that many people do not eat adequate amounts of vegetables and fruits.

He explains that TV cooking programs are also good for learning to eat healthy. According to a survey of children aged 10 to 12, children who watch a healthy cooking program are more than twice as likely to have a healthy diet. In a survey of 433 subjects from 14 countries, it was actually confirmed that children who saw a beautiful dish using spinach and fruit wanted to eat this dish. For this reason, it is explained that appearance is also important for healthy eating. Related information can be found here .



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