A 7-screen laptop with 4 4K displays coming out?

In recent years, with the spread of lightweight and high-performance notebooks, PC work has become easier on the go, but for those who use multi-displays in the office or at home, working with a notebook with only one screen is inevitably difficult. A company called Expanscape in the UK has announced the Aurora 7, a 7-screen laptop with four 4K displays.

The Aurora 7 released by Expandscape has a main monitor and four monitors on the left and right and top. All of these monitors are equipped with four 17.3-inch 4K units. One 7-inch 1280p monitor is placed at the top of the left and right 4K monitors, and a 7-inch 1280p monitor with a touch screen is also placed at the bottom right of the keyboard. Of course, each monitor displays its own application program.

Aurora 7 is a portable laptop, but it is a huge device that measures 510mm wide, 340mm long, and 110mm thick even with all screens closed. When open, the overall height is 590mm and the width is 960mm. The prototype weighs 12kg, but the manufacturer is trying to lower the expandscape weight to less than 10kg. Since this product is still in the prototype stage, some of the parts are said to have been made with a 3D printer.

The GPU featured in the Aurora 7 prototype is the NVIDIA GTX 1060. CPU is Intel Core i9-9900K. In the future version, it is said that NVIDIA RTX 2070 will adopt AMD Ryzen 9 3950X or Intel Core i9-10900K.

In addition, the RAM is 64GB and the storage space is 2TB of hard disk and 2.5TB of SSD is also installed. Battery continuous use time is about 1 hour and capacity is 148kWh built-in battery, so it cannot be brought into airplanes in prototype state. However, the manufacturer plans to improve this so that the next prototype can be loaded onto an airplane.

The manufacturer will actually sell the Aurora 7. However, price information has not yet been disclosed, and the buyer must sign a confidentiality agreement stating that the price will not be disclosed to the outside. Related information can be found here .



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