6 new Android features including Google Map Dark Mode

On February 23 (local time), Google announced six new features to make Android safer and more convenient.

First integrated password checkup. Google account has a built-in password management system called password manager, and has a function called password check-up that allows you to check the leakage of passwords stored in this password manager. Google integrates the new password function into Android 9 or higher terminals, and displays a warning if the password entered in the application is exposed and prompts the password to be changed.

The second is a reservation function that is sent by message. A new feature is scheduled to send messages on the date and time specified in Messages, the official Android messaging app. You can set the reservation time by pressing and holding the send button on the paper plane icon after writing a message normally. This reservation transmission function can be used on Droid 7 or higher terminals.

Third, improved talkback of screen readers. The screen reader talkback, which provides voice readings to Android users with unnatural eyes, has been updated to make gestures more intuitive and the menus unified.

Fourth, the Google Assistant added tasks that can be used while the screen is locked. Until now, the Google Assistant was able to perform some functions, such as adding calendars and reminders while locking the screen. With a new update, Google will add actionable actions for the Google Assistant while the screen is locked, and support features such as calling, sending messages, and playing music.

To activate Google Assistant on the screen lock, you need to enter Google Assistant in Settings and turn on account-based information on the lock screen.

Fifth, Google Maps dark mode support. Dark mode appears on Google Maps with white characters on a black background, easy at a glance and low battery consumption. Just add a theme item to the settings and choose Always in Dark Theme.

The sixth is Android Auto improvement. Android Auto, which optimizes terminal operation in the vehicle, has added new wallpapers and quizzes for voice games that can be enjoyed in a congested state. It also added a privacy function when you do not want to show the display to the passengers, and a function that displays more shortcuts for displayable vehicles. Related information can be found here.



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