Smart water tank that helps reuse 85% household drainage

Hydraloop, developed by a Dutch company of the same name, is a water purification tank that reuses 85% of domestic drainage, saving up to 45% of consumption. Although the discarded water is reused only once, it is explained that water and energy can be saved by not only saving water resources, but also reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The water used once can be reused in laundry, garden irrigation, toilets, etc. after removing contaminants and sterilizing. Hydraloop is equipped with proprietary technology that does not use filters or chemicals through an aerobic bioreactor and UV disinfection. Foreign substances such as hair from showers are disposed of directly inside, and all of them are fully automated for water purification, water storage, and even direct system cleaning. It is fairly easy to maintain. It is said that connecting to each drain is as easy as a washing machine.

With this product, you can check the purified water and water quantity at any time through a dedicated app. In addition, notifications such as maintenance timing are also notified through the app. The constant is said to be ± 200KwH per year using only 20W power.

Hydraloop is said to change water quality to meet many international standards through a six-step water purification process. In addition, it has smartness, such as converting washing water into reused water at its own discretion depending on the amount of water stored. It has a capacity of 300 liters and a processing capacity of 530 liters per day. Level suitable for a family of five. Of course, if there is a swimming pool in the garden, the effect is great, but if it is introduced into larger facilities such as guest houses, hospitals, and commercial facilities, more water saving effects can be expected. The price is 3,500 euros. Related information can be found here.



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