Brave Browser acquired its own search engine

Brave, an ad-blocking browser, has acquired the open search engine Tailcat. In the future, Tailcat will take over Brave’s own search engine and become an alternative to Google search.

According to Brave, the reason behind this acquisition is that almost all of the current search engines are internally dependent on an IT company called Big Tech. In terms of market share, it is pointed out that Google Chrome has an overwhelming share of 69% and Google Search has an overwhelming share of 92%.

Since Tailcat, a search engine acquired by Brave, has a completely independent index, the protection of personal information is not compromised by Big Tech collecting IP addresses or collecting personally identifiable information.

Brave also discloses the principle of compliance for brave searches based on tailcats. First of all, Brave Search cannot track or profile users. Next, we prioritize providing services to users over the advertising and data industries. Third, you can choose between paid search without ads and free search with ad support. The data used to improve Brave’s search is then made anonymous. Also, top secret methods and algorithms such as bias are not used for search results. In addition, it integrates browser and search to the highest level without compromising personal information, realizing the immediate display of results entered by users from individuals to users. Lastly, since closed platforms are considered unreliable, they intend to save the search engine market by providing their own search engine.

Brave Browser has grown from 11 million monthly active users to 25 million in 2020. Brave says it has come to provide a search engine that specializes in protecting user privacy by collecting personal information and continuing to mention that Big Tech can invade user privacy. Related information can be found here.



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