Translating the meeting contents into 80 languages and text…

Microsoft has released Group Transcribe for iOS, an AI app that translates meetings and simultaneously records them as text. It seems to be convenient when you want to record conversations with foreigners.

The app adopts voice and language technology and multiple voice input formats, and the available languages are said to be over 80 languages. Basically, Microsoft does not maintain the content of the conversation, but it is said that it will gradually improve through user data. Business conversations have many difficult words, but each language has subtle differences, such as dialect and accent differences, as well as individual tone and habit.

Group Transcribe was developed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. People with hearing discomfort can participate in communication by reading the recognized text in sentences. In addition, there is a function to share text data in the past with colleagues so that they can be viewed later, which is useful for data creation.

The ideal way is to have a conversation in person, with each iOS device installed on the app close to each other. However, as the times are the times, if it is non-face-to-face, it will be possible to use them in online meetings by placing a smartphone in front of the speaker. Related information can be found here.



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