Dropbox open for free with password manager function

Dropbox announced on March 16 (local time) that it will also offer Dropbox Passwords, a password manager function for paid users, to free users from early April. However, the number of passwords that can be stored is limited to 50.

Dropbox Lose Word is a password manager feature that began offering in August 2020. It can store passwords for each service and website account, and it has a password generation function that is difficult to guess. It uses zero-knowledge encryption as an identity verification agent and does not require a master password like other password managers.

Dropbox Passworth, which can be used in the paid plan, has no limit on the number of saves, but the free plan provides up to three devices that can synchronize passwords and the number of saves is limited to 50.

If all sites and services use different passwords, 50 cases are likely to be insufficient, but it can be seen that the test functional meaning to lead to a paid plan is strong. In the password manager, the popular password manager LastPass is limited to one device that can be used after March 16, so it is possible that the Dropbox announcement was tailored to this.

Recently, browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are equipped with a password management function, and password leak checks can be performed. The need to use other apps to manage passwords is decreasing, but if you can manage passwords while using Dropbox, it will be worth a try. Related information can be found here.



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