YouTube adds copyright infringement warning function before video release

YouTube can automatically check whether published content does not infringe copyright. If there is a check through this, the creator is forced to respond in various ways. Accordingly, YouTube announced that it will introduce a check function that checks that the video does not infringe copyright in the pre-release stage.

YouTube introduces a structure called Content ID (Content ID) that identifies video or voice characteristics and authenticates uploaded videos. If both videos and audio uploaded on YouTube are searched and matched with the existing content ID, one of the following is applied: stop the disclosure, disclose the video analysis to all rights holders, and deliver the video revenue to the rights holder.

However, since all content ID identification is performed automatically, the uploaded video, even if it is your own work, is considered to be infringing copyright, and the video release may be restricted. In this case, the producer must go through the objection procedure.

The check function added this time examines whether the uploaded video does not infringe on the copyright of others, whether the copyright holder can claim advertising revenue, and whether it does not violate advertising guidelines.

The pre-release inspection usually takes less than three minutes, and the revenue-generating check takes an additional few minutes. Since there is a change or objection to the privacy settings before the video is released, it is expected that the number of cases where the screen is suddenly blocked in some areas or receives a copyright infringement warning a few days after uploading the video is expected to decrease.

YouTube said that the added check function will help avoid creators’ worries by minimizing the number of videos taken for copyright infringement complaints and content ID scans. Related information can be found here.



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