AmazonCare Offers On-Demand Medical Services to Other Companies

Amazon announced that it will expand Amazon Care, conducted in Seattle, USA, across the country in the summer of 2021 and open not only to its employees, but also to businesses of all sizes. Amazon Care is a solution provided by Amazon as a solution to compensate for the lack of employer-paid health care in healthcare services that combine demand and face-to-face care.

AmazonCare allows you to receive online medical advice directly from nurses and doctors using a dedicated app. With remote text chat and video calling capabilities, employees and their families can save time before treatment, Amazon emphasized in a blog that announced the expansion of the business. When face-to-face treatment is needed, a medical practitioner is dispatched to the home in response to in-person treatment, where blood and chest tests are performed, and prescriptions are also sent home.

This expansion is a little different from the remote face-to-face opening. Telemedicine counseling services will begin offering Amazon’s employees as well as other companies that have contracted as customers in the summer of 2021. Face-to-face care is expected to be deployed later, first to Washington, DC and Baltimore, with plans to expand to other cities within a few months.

Amazon Care has started offering services to other companies in Washington State on March 17 (local time). Another company aims to sign some of the comprehensive benefits packages for Amazon Care employees. Amazon emphasizes the superiority of inspection speed as the service’s greatest strength. It also includes rapid notification of test results including Corona 19.

With the face-to-face management option, the Amazon Care structure provides doctors and medical workers arrival times through the app, which is similar to what Amazon implemented in the app as a cargo delivery function. Amazon has long been mindful of transforming the corporate healthcare industry. In 2018, it announced a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan, and announced the establishment of a joint venture to bridge the gap seen in the private enterprise healthcare market. Of course, the joint venture was disbanded in 2021, but Amazon continues to try AmazonCare. Given this, it can be seen that Amazon is trying to commercialize the work it started to improve its employee care services. Related information can be found here.



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